AAI Scientific Cultural Services Limited

The full time members of the company are professionals with decades of experience in all aspects of non-invasive human electrophysiology, specifically electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG). In addition to the home team the company has strong links with individuals with specialisations in related aspects and with laboratories with state-of-the-art instrumentation for routine and clinical measurements in many countries. The company participates in, and provides services to organisations which include, scientific investigations in basic and applied research, clinical investigations for cohorts of patients and about the efficacy of medication and any other form of intervention. The company also provides support and training for the design of experiments and protocols to recording and data analysis to instrument design with emphasis on applications. The services to individuals include measurement and interpretation of human electrophysiology for clinicians for their patients and to individuals for personalised health monitoring and well-being. Services also include longitudinal monitoring of brain activity and recordings and analysis of brain activity in the work and home environment and its correlation with external social (e.g. stress and anxiety) and environmental (e.g. pollution) influences. Services with neurofeedback are offered with personalised designs for each case aiming to promote health and well-being and maintain peak performance under demanding or even stressful conditions. The company is also well placed to contribute to international initiatives for the design and development of applications for new instruments of EEG and MEG.

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