CyRIC, Cyprus Research and Innovation Center Ltd ( is one of the leading high-tech enterprises in Cyprus, aiming to become a global provider of high-tech products. CyRIC designs and manufactures unique products for IoT including network services and sensor solutions, wearables, unmanned air and ground vehicles UAVs/UGVs, and biotech devices for medical and agrifood applications. Its personnel accumulates vast experience in developing high-tech products and currently executes numerous assigned projects for the industry and coordination of multimillion R&I projects, spending more than €2milliion per year in R&D. CyRIC is the Business Innovation Center (EU|BIC) of Cyprus, certified by the European Business Innovation Centers Network (EBN) validating the range and quality of the business and innovation services provided to local SMEs, startups and its spin-offs. As an EU-BIC, CyRIC provides product solutions and services to the industry from idea to commercialisation and currently operates the only high-tech incubator in the country called Gravity ( since 2014. CyRIC has invested and incubated more than 15 startups, most of them raised investment/funding and won local and international awards.

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