Givotech ( is a start-up company founded in 2018 developing disruptive products for wheelchair accessibility, dedicated in bridging the gap between the limited accessibility in buildings and every individual that gets affected. Ramba is the first product of Givotech, a robotic vehicle for universal accessibility of wheelchair users and people with impaired mobility in buildings and open spaces. Ramba is compatible with existing building infrastructures without the need for structural modifications and retrofitting and has the ability to extend its useful range over a larger number of stair steps, indoor and outdoor. Ramba combines the advantages of the portable solutions through its portable and transferable character. In addition, it is applicable for common use and can provide accessibility to manual or powered wheelchairs for ascending/descending staircases and elevated surfaces in public administration and utility buildings, tourism premises and urban infrastructures like archaeological sites. Givotech has joined in 2019 Gravity Incubator as a startup seeking international expansion and ultimately utilizing further funding opportunities and incubation benefits as accompanied by the network and capacity of Gravity Ventures.

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