Novatex Solutions Ltd

NOVATEX SOLUTIONS is an SME, established in 1999 in Cyprus by a team of enthusiastic engineers and today is operating in the fields of (a) ICT services: by providing Web Hosting / VPS / Dedicated/Cloud. These services enable the company to utilise these services for various projects for real time data processing, storage by using mainly open source software. (b) IOT Smart Devices and systems: Development of Low power devices intended for smart applications including smart cities and smart agriculture – We have already developed out own prototypes and these are on the way to be used in pilot studies (with mapping using GIS technologies) in Cyprus and collaboration with local authorities (c) Robotics: by providing hardware and advice to students Academia and research and also supporting since 2013 as a coordinator of the European Robotics week in Cyprus and supporting various events and competitions and also promoting electronics and other products through the dedicated website (d) Projects and activities related to Education. Novatex has been involved and supported many projects related to education such as ,,, European robotics week. In addition Novatex is supporting startup events in Cyprus (sponsoring) and also offering to act as mentors – (startup Cyprus, Open Coffee, Open Data hackathon, Smart Cities and other initiatives) (e) Applied Research and Innovation : Novatex has been involved since 2006 with applied research in the fields in ICT, Data acquisition , wireless data transmission, data analysis, mapping of data, and visualisation, automated image processing, robotics and renewable energy.

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